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Buyout Music - Royalty Free Usage License

Upon purchase of one of our Royalty Free Music CDs or Instant Downloads, your name will be AUTOMATICALLY entered into our licensee database and you are granted a usage license under the terms listed below. You can E-mail us if  you require a personalized license to be e-mailed to you. A personalized license will contain your or your company's name and address as well as a list of the CDs or Downloads that you purchased from us.

Royalty Free Usage License

Conditions of License:

1. Licensee has unrestricted rights to use any of the musical compositions on the purchased CDs or Downloaded Music Tracks in any of his works whether it is for his own use or for works created for his clients. This license has no time limit but it is only valid for the original purchaser/licensee listed in our database. Licensee is free to use any of the licensed musical compositions in Film, Video, Multi-Media Design, Website Design, Music on Hold, Computer Games, Commercials and any other original works created by licensee for himself or a client.

2. This is a usage license only. No re-sale rights are granted or implied other than as part of licensee's own creative works. Licensee is not allowed to re-sell the purchased Royalty Free Music CDs or Instant Downloads in any form by duplicating all or part of the Royalty Free Music CDs or Downloads or by allowing them to be part of another collection of Royalty Free Music or re-selling them on-line.

3. We do not charge any hidden or extra fees if you use any of the musical tracks purchased from us in a TV or Radio broadcast, regional, national or international or if the purchased musical tracks are used in an original DVD, Film or Video production created by licensee for himself or for a client regardless of how many copies are sold.

4. This license is given to the original registered licensee/purchaser only and cannot be transferred by sale of the purchased CD or downloaded MP3 files to any third party.
Alan Steward, Composer
Easton, PA, USA



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